Be the BEE!

Ever heard the phrase “busy as a bee?” Well that bee has nothing on me! People often ask me, and when I say often I mean just about everyday, when do I sleep and how do I have time to do all the things I do. My answer every time is that, “you gotta keep moving or that’s when you get tired.” If you think about that it’s totally a valid statement. How tired do you get while waiting at an appointment, being still watching tv or lets be honest, getting on your phone and checking social media? For me I start to crash and burn in the car pick up line, hence why I usually have an afternoon cup of coffee.

My daily routine normally consists of getting up and helping the boys get off to school, a morning workout session at CrossFit Chivalry in West Monroe, running errands for my full time job as a real estate agent or for my clients for my interior decorating side business, getting the boys from school, showing or listing houses and dragging the boys along for the ride, figuring out what is for supper while they are at practice depending on what season it is, making sure the house is clean, getting everyone ready for bed and finally crawling into bed around 10:00 pm to usually catch up on any shows I’ve missed. Occasionally there will be that late night phone call from a client trying to make a deal work out or finishing painting a piece of furniture that needs attention or just completing an art/DIY project in which I volunteered to do! I am also very involved in the community and volunteer a lot which also keeps me very busy.

I’m saying all this just to give you a peek of how I stay busy everyday. Do I have a problem saying no? Yes, but I’m working on that and have gotten a lot better. Do I like to be this busy all the time? No, but I can’t imagine sitting or laying on the couch all day waiting on the kids to get out of school or having to sit at a desk all day and punch in and out on a time clock. I like the constant schedule of doing things and also planning things. Do I like to be the person that people come to when they need their crazy ideas to come to life? Absolutely! I am a people pleaser and love for people to come to me with something that seems unreachable and when I can figure out a way to make it or make it happen it’s an all around celebration!

I wanted to start this blog as a way for me to show and help people see ways in which they can be that rockstar busy bee for themselves and for their family and/or friends. Over the years people have said to me that I do everything at 110% and that’s where this blog stems from. I want to show and tell people that if doesn’t take much effort to be “extra” and to live life at 110%. It doesn’t have to be extreme elaborate showcases of “look what I can do” for people to see that you are a dependable, motivated, positive, hardworking busy bee. For example, rainy days for me when my kids were young was putting blue painters tape on the living room floor and making roads for the boys to play cars on while I sat in the other room having coffee and watching housewives! MOM WIN and SELF WIN for sure! I will talk about all these examples in future posts too. It’s all about time management, priorities and making sure you are having fun doing all the things. I can’t wait to share with everyone some things I have been jotting down in my notebook. I will talk about life goals and how to get started on making those happen, fun things to do with your kids and being a smarter, yes smarter, “summer” mom, how you can mess things up and still succeed, being intentional with what you want to do and say and a ton of other topics!

Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey!

Your busy bee friend


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Published by thesouthernfancy

I was born and raised in West Monroe, Louisiana. I married my high school sweetheart, Rick, in 2005 and we have two precious boys. I love all things about being a boy-mom but I also love the girly stuff. I love to use my creative mind to make things happen. Give me a glue gun or a costume and I’m ready to go!

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